How having user metadata in /userinfo without "messing" with idtoken

I needed some usermetadata informations returned from /userinfo endpoint like zoneinfo for example (time zone)
Currently the only way I manage to do that is to add it by adding it in a rule in idtoken (and also include it in scope), but I do not need zoneinfo in idtoken so I would prefer a way to have it from /userinfo without adding it to idtoken, is it possible ? (I tested with access token but it does not work)

Although I believe the OpenID Connect specification has options that could possibly allow you to meet that requirement, at this time, as far as I’m aware this is not possible through the Auth0 service and as such for information to surface in user information endpoint it will also need to have been surfaced in the ID token.

Ok thanks.
Just to give more informations if someone need, I did some test and with a user metadata, let’s say zoneinfo. when added in idtoken through a rule it is in the idtoken whatever scope is in authentication request (which is expected according to doc), but it is not in informations returned through /userinfo unless there is “zoneinfo” in scope.