Token Renewal not working in IE11

I’ve been trying out the Token Renewal example from the Auth0 / Angular 2 QuickStart. It runs OK in Chrome, Edge and Firefox but when run in IE11, the call to renewAuth always receives a login_required response. I’ve compared what’s going up the wire through Fiddler and that looks OK.

I was only able to reproduce this situation when doing local development and using a test application accessed through localhost. If I accessed my application through an hostname different than localhost then it worked correctly.

You state that you’ve been trying out so you may be using localhost; if that’s the case, I would recommend to access the application without it. For example, you could use which is a domain that points to (read more about this here) so saves you a little work of configuring your own host entry in the machine. I personally tried with a sub-domain of and HTTPS with a self-signed certificate and it worked correctly.

The explanation for the localhost situation can be found here.

I was using localhost and making the suggested change makes it work correctly.