To get access token instead of code and state after authentication

Sir, I’m using auth0 authentication for my app and I’ve set custom callback domain, but now I’m getting code instead of access token. So please send me any solution how can I get access token back instead of code and state

Hello @shikharrastogi36

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The reason you are getting code in the callback is because of the type of authorization flow you are using
In your application, please find below various authentication and authorization flows which Auth0 supports:

In case you need directly the access token instead of the code, you need to use Implicit grant type as your Authentication and authorization flow. I suggest to have a look at the below documentation which details how you can Implement the Implicit grant type:

Also it will be good to have a read to this link to understand which flow you should use based on your
Application and use case:

Hope this helps!