'This site cant be reached' error when my app hits callback URL after login

On my React Native Android app. Getting this error when auth0 tries to hit the callback URL to navigate back to my app after a successful login. I’ve verified the url is in the list of allowed callback URLs. This isn’t replicatable on the RN iOS side, and the login there functions fine. I’m updated to 3.0 and have gone through the update guide. Been reading lots of other threads and i’m all but out of ideas.

OK, found a solution to this! Turns out there were a few issues in how i was defining the RedirectActivity in the AndroidManifest file. To anyone else experiencing this, make sure you know which file is being used, and then follow guidance from the FAQ page about what variables need to be set.

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Awesome, goo to know you were able to get this sorted and thanks for sharing here :slight_smile:

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