Redirect Fails: Site can't be reached after upgrade to 3.0

Migrated to 3.0 and while IOS works just fine, android fails to complete the authorization process and provide an accessToken

The readme states that the Intent Filters are no longer required for the redirect but if I remove them, I get an error after submiting credentials saying " The site can’t be reached’.

Adding the intent filters solves this error, but then the auth0.webAuth.authorize method still fails to trigger the callback. In otherwords, .authorize() fails to completely resolve, and my .then() fail to print anything afterwards.

I have recreated the issue using the sample project. Has anyone encountered this issue and resolved it?

Further Info:
When logging in via IOS, my logs should a Successful Login and Succussful Exchange, whereas on android, I only get a Successful Login.

If I create an event listener, I can see the incoming callback URL containing the authorization code, however after redirecting back to the app, it does not callback and trigger a request for an access code / token from the server…

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