There is no Code completion for laravel auth0 facade

Hi i just started using Auth0 management API and I am using laravel and there is no autocompletion for the facade and i am using phpstorm with laravel idea plugin

however when i look at the Auth0 facade there are no methods defined on the top of the class
please define them there so we can get auto-completion

Right Now the comments on before the class


  • Facade for the Auth0 SDK.
  • @codeCoverageIgnore
  • @api

But i should be like so


  • @method static string management()
  • @method static void users()
  • … all the methods

To enable autocompletion for the Auth0 facade in Laravel, you can define the methods directly on the facade class. Here’s an example of how you can update the comments to include the methods:

 * Facade for the Auth0 SDK.
 * @method static string management()
 * @method static void users()
 * ... (include all the methods)
 * @codeCoverageIgnore
 * @api

By adding the @method tags, you are telling the IDE that these methods are available on the facade and can be used for autocompletion. Make sure to include all the methods that you want to use with autocompletion

But I don’t know all the method library provide plus if 9 change the library internal files I will get rewrite when I update should auth0 provide all these auto compete method in library