The Token can't be used before

I’m experiencing this for couple times this year. Someone please give me any suggestion how to solve this or a work around.

com.auth0.jwt.exceptions.InvalidClaimException: The Token can't be used before Fri May 24 11:57:55 UTC 2019.
	at com.auth0.jwt.JWTVerifier.assertDateIsPast( ~[java-jwt-3.7.0.jar!/:na]
	at com.auth0.jwt.JWTVerifier.assertValidDateClaim( ~[java-jwt-3.7.0.jar!/:na]
	at com.auth0.jwt.JWTVerifier.verifyClaims( ~[java-jwt-3.7.0.jar!/:na]
	at com.auth0.jwt.JWTVerifier.verify( ~[java-jwt-3.7.0.jar!/:na]

Can you share more details about your scenario?

The only time I’ve seen a dev facing an error like this, the problem was that his operating system and his browser were configured with different time zones. In that case, the browser was issuing a token for, let’s say Fri May 24 11:57:55 UTC 2019 (your example), but the operating system was “thinking” that the time was something like 09:57:55 UTC. Hence, the error.

If this doesn’t help, please, send me more info.

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