The JWT string must contain two dots

I’m a newbie with auth0 in general, I’m trying to make a simple login with Laravel, following this tutorial Auth0 Laravel SDK Quickstarts: Add Login to a Laravel Application but after login I get the error: “The JWT string must contain two dots”

I’m not sure what configuration should I change in my dashboard or what file should I change in order to get a working JWT, I would greatly appreciate any help :((

Hi there @ppalencia101!

Let’s start with ensuring, the client app (regular web application) is granted access to your test API in the Auth0 dashboard:

Applications-> APIs-> the one with ‘’ identifier → Machine to Machine Applications → select the registered Regular Web application to be authorized.
(more on this: Register APIs)

Once ensuring it, please try invoking authentication again and see if it works for you?:+1:

You can also verify if the access token received is JTW (and not opaque) by trying to decode it in

Let us know the results or any other questions on this!

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