The customer database migration with some information

Hello there,

I am using Customer DB in order to migrate our data to Auth0 via the Login script and GetUser script. However, with the Login script, I would like to migrate some information like (email, username, given_name, family_name, created_at, updated_at, and last_login).

Everything is okay, but some fields created_at, updated_at, and last_login had not been updated on the Auth0 system, just get the current time.

So, do I need to configure it somewhere, or some fields are not allowed to update on the Auth0 system?

Thanks in advance

Hello @hoan.truong,

Welcome to the Community! Those fields cannot be set or updated that way. You can see a list of fields and whether they can be set or updated at the link below:

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Hello @markd

Yeah cool, I got it, thanks for your support to me.

Have a good day

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