Test invitations to Organizations locally?

Hi, I need to control who can login/sign up to an application and for this I use organizations and send invitations through the Management API. As per the documentation, the invitation link is formed using my application’s login URI that is set in the application’s dashboard. However it only accepts HTTPS URIs that are not localhost. This is fine for production, but how am I supposed to test this flow locally? I run my app on localhost when working on it and I need to be able to add/invite users, but I can’t find a way to generate an invitation link.

There’s also the possibility to set the login URI at the tenant level, but in this case there is no way to know which app the user was invited to. I have a couple apps accessible by users from the same tenant, but I need the user to be redirected to the app they were invited in the first place. To redirect them to Auth0’s /authorize endpoint, I would need to know said app’s client ID or redirect URI, but the invitation link only features the invitation, organization and organization_name.

The only way I found for accepting invitations locally is to put some random URL in the application’s login URI, copy the query part of the link in the email, then paste it in my browser’s address bar after the localhost route to my app.

Has anyone found a better way to handle invitation links when working locally?

Thanks for sharing this.