Test API access tokens don't use custom domain

This question is regarding the ‘Test’ page on an API in the Auth0 UI, which gives an example request to get an access token and an example response that contains a valid access token. This tool is very useful to copy the access token when making API requests whilst developing.

However, since I created a custom domain on my tenant I’ve noticed that the domain in the example request is still the default Auth0 tenant domain (i.e. https://.eu.auth0.com/oauth/token), rather than the custom domain (i.e. https:///oauth/token), meaning the access tokens generated from the request and provided on the page are invalid.

Is there something I can do to update the example request to use the custom domain?

Hi @ewintram,

Unfortunately, the example request can’t be altered and will continue to use your tenant domain. You’d have to copy the cURL command or code of your choice and alter the domain manually.

You can submit a feature request in our feedback channel to share your use case with our product team:

Here is more information about APIs with custom domains:

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