Terraform Deployment is Slow in Dev/Staging Tenants

Problem statement

Auth0 Terraform Provider is used to deploy changes to tenants. The Production tenant’s deployment is fast, but it takes longer for development and staging tenants.


This is caused by two main factors:

  • A large number of entities managed by the Terraform Provider
  • The Development/Staging tenants have lower rate limits than the Production tenant - this causes rate limit errors during deployment, upon which the Terraform Provider will wait and retry requests, which can take longer to finish.


A slower deployment is expected in dev/staging tenants due to lower rate limits. It is not possible to increase the rate limits for these tenants. Consider reducing the number of entities managed in the dev/staging tenants by the Terraform Provider to reduce the overall time.

Additional guidelines can be found in the Related References. While this document is specifically about the Okta product, most of the advice is generic and applies to Auth0.