Switch Language on Universal Login

If there was a method to change the language for the universal login so that users can be redirected if another language is required.

Hi @jmaharaj,

Thanks for your suggestion. It might be helpful to have some more information or an example.

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Hi, I’m in the same situation, on a site where the user can select their preferred language on the main page, I need to be able to pass the selected language to the universal auth0 login through the SDK, but in the documentation I can’t find any way to pass it the language parameter, as a result the universal login is loaded in the browser’s language, regardless of whether the user has selected a different language within the website.

Is there any way to pass the language parameter to the universal login?

Thank you.


I have tried extensions to change the locale on my browser, but it doesn’t seem to affect the output of the universal login control.

Is there another way to test/view/change the locale on the login?

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