Swift SecureCredentialsManager token persistence

Hello, we are seeing that an auth token, refresh-tokens saved with SecureCredentialsManager seem to be lost or expired once the device is turned off. To me it would seem they should be persisted through this case but maybe this is intentional behavior. Would appreciate is someone could confirm which is the case. Thank you.

Hey there @ryan.kramer welcome to the community!

Tokens stored using CredentialsManager and subsequently the devices keychain should persist when the device is turned off/restarted. Are you receiving any errors when you go to retrieve stored credentials on restart? Refresh tokens are typically long lived so I doubt ( depending on how long the device is turned off for) it is expired in this scenario.

The more information you can provide about your environment, use case, steps to reproduce, etc. the better. Keep us posted!

Thanks for the response. I just wanted to confirm that the behavior we are experiencing is not the intended behavior. I will do some more investigation/debugging to see what error codes I may be getting. Will report back with anything specific. Thanks you.

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I think this issue was due to an error while testing. Seems the token is not expiring on device being turned off which is expected.

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Hey @ryan.kramer - Great, good to know things are functioning as expected! Thanks for confirming here :smile:

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