Refresh Token not returned when using Auth0.swift with "Sign In With Apple" flow

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: e.g. auth0.swift
  • SDK Version: 1.30.1
  • Platform Version: iOS 14

I followed the example tutorial for setting up “Sign In With Apple” by creating a Native application and following that whole process. I managed to get everything working and authentication was a breeze.

However, I noticed when coming to refresh my token, that the CredentialsManager had no refresh token stored. After logging in again, I noticed that the response from the login call was ALSO missing the refresh token. I have refresh tokens enabled on my application settings and I’m using the default scopes which includes offline_access. Any suggestions on how to debug this further?

Hey there!

Let me reproduce that myself and get back to you soon!

Sounds good! Thanks!

For what it’s worth, I posted an issue on the Auth0.swift SDK repo as well. I’m not sure where the issue’s source is, but it has more information about my use case there.

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Perfect! I’ll ping repo maintainers in a few minutes!

Looks like we discovered the issue. Information is on the Github Issue link. I don’t recall the docs anywhere stating I needed to enable offline_access on my API as well as my application. Might be a good thing to add as a note to some of the guides.

Thanks for your team’s help!

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Perfect! I’ll relay the info to appropriate team!

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