Support prometheus metrics export

I want to monitor authentication metrics using Prometheus. I can not find any information on this. Are there plans to support this? Eg counters for successful, failed login attempts etc.



Hey there @nils.hjelte!

As far as I know we don’t have any close plans for doing an integration with Prometheus. I’ll let you know once it’s added to our roadmap!

Bump! we can scrape logs for much of this, but if you give us easy ways to show our customers the value they are getting from using Auth0 it’s a win-win-win for everyone. :smiley:

Hey there @daniel.shown.wwt!

Would you mind sharing the usecase with whole context so I can provide you with value proposition? Thanks!

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I messaged you directly.

Perfect thanks a lot! I will reach out to you shortly!

Hey there!

There are not that many people requesting such thing compared to other feature requests therefore the product team isn’t gonna progress with that. Sorry for the inconvenience!