Support for organizations hierarchy

Feature: Support for Organizations Hierarchy

Description: I would like to provide feedback and request support for introducing an organizations hierarchy feature in Auth0. Currently, Auth0 provides robust authentication and authorization capabilities, but it lacks native support for managing user access and permissions based on organizational hierarchy structures.

With the organizations hierarchy feature, it would be possible to define and manage a hierarchical structure of organizations within Auth0. This would allow for more granular control over user access and permissions, enabling organizations to efficiently manage their users and resources based on their organizational structure.

The organizations hierarchy feature would include functionality such as:

Parent-Child Relationships: The ability to establish parent-child relationships between organizations, enabling the representation of multi-level hierarchies.

Inheritance of Permissions: Users within child organizations should inherit permissions from their parent organizations by default. This would streamline the process of managing access and reduce administrative overhead.

Reporting and Analytics: Enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insights into user activity and permissions within the organizations hierarchy.

Use-case: As an application developer working on a complex multi-tenant system, the organizations hierarchy feature would greatly improve my experience with Auth0. I need to manage user access and permissions based on the organizational structure of my clients. By having native support for organizations hierarchy in Auth0, I would be able to easily define and manage hierarchical relationships between organizations, inherit permissions across the hierarchy, and customize access policies at different levels. This would save development time and effort, improve security, and enhance the overall user management experience for my clients.

Thank you for considering this feature request/feedback. I believe the organizations hierarchy feature would be a valuable addition to Auth0, benefiting developers and organizations managing user access and permissions within a hierarchical context.

Thanks for the feedback @johnecon !

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