Suddenly encountering "SigningKeyNotFoundException: No key found in XYZ with kid ABC"

Auth0 worked fine until recently. However, we are suddenly encountering this exception in our code:

Caused by: com.auth0.jwk.SigningKeyNotFoundException: No key found in https://XYZ/.well-known/jwks.json with kid ABC
    at com.auth0.jwk.UrlJwkProvider.get(
    at com.auth0.jwk.RateLimitedJwkProvider.get(
    at com.auth0.jwk.GuavaCachedJwkProvider$
    at com.auth0.jwk.GuavaCachedJwkProvider$
    ... 79 common frames omitted

What does this error mean? How can we resolve it?

There’s a good chance that this issue is related to the incident reported at:

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It is terribly sorry for the experience but it should be resolved now!

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