Successful google login with universal login page doesn't return any user profile information


Im pretty new to auth0, so excuse me if this is a noob question.

I have a react-native expo app where i integrate the auth0 universal login page. When i select google login (all the social connections are set up) I get a successful response with a Bearer token, but no basic user information from google. Here is the response:

  "errorCode": undefined,
  "params": Object {
    "access_token": <ACCESS_TOKEN>,
    "exp://": "",
    "expires_in": "7200",
    "id_token": <ID_TOKEN>,
    "token_type": "Bearer",
  "type": "success",
  "url": "exp://<ACCESS_TOKEN>&expires_in=7200&token_type=Bearer&id_token=<ID_TOKEN>",

Is there a way to include this information?


Hi @dincozdemir,

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Did you look at the information in the id token? You can decode it on

Let me know,

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