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Hello there,

I’m interested in monitoring Auth0 security bulletins. Is there a mailing list, RSS feed or other mechanism to get notified when new security bulletins are published?

I see that Security Bulletins are posted online, at Security Bulletins

I see also that the source for those posts seems to be in this Github repo: docs/articles/security/bulletins at master · auth0/docs · GitHub

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @lee.omara,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I don’t see a way to subscribe directly on that page. Let me reach out to the team and see what they say. Thanks!

I suppose another option would be to (cross?) post the security bulletins to the Notification system that’s part of the Auth0 Support Center (Auth0 Support Center).

Thanks for the feedback! I meant to post this initially, here is what our security team said:

If you’re concerned about our OSS or SDKs, we publish CVEs through github advisory, so most SBOM security tools should pick them up.