Stuck in OIDC implicit flow

I am trying to connect via Open ID Connect to another system (Ping)
On their end they do not want to support the implicit flow.
In order to turn that off I have only selected “Authorisation Code” in my application.

Now if I test my OIDC connection I get this test url: (replaced some parts)**response_type=code**&connection=Test&prompt=login&scope=openid%20profile&redirect_uri=

However after the redirect it looks like this:

Note that the response_type changed from code to id_token. This triggers the implicit flow on their end resulting in this error: “unauthorized_client (implicit grant not allowed for this client)”

Did I miss some config option, can someone explain why this is happening?


We managed to “solve” this by changing the connection type to “Back Channel”

Hey there @pim.verkerk, thanks a bunch for following up on this with the community and welcome to the community! :smile:

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