Structure of Organization IDs


All of the organization IDs are in the shape of org_abcdef0123456789 (start with org_ and with a total length of 20 characters). Is this documented somewhere? Are the org IDs that do not follow this pattern?

The background is that we would like to add some type safety and avoid just passing around bare strings. We would like to create a wrapper type for OrganizationIds internally that enforces that they start with org_ and have a length of 20 characters. So obviously I would like to make sure that this holds true for all org IDs.

Is this the rule or can we not rely on it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there @patrickfield33 welcome to the community!

Organization IDs being 20 characters is an implementation detail and it might change without notice at any time. We have no guarantees that it will always be 20 characters.

Hope this helps to clarify!

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