Stream Auth0 Action Logs

Problem statement

Can the Action logs be streamed to a Log Stream?


As of now, the output of console.log statements in Rules, Actions, and other extensibility points are not part of the tenant log data that is exported via Log Streams. These runtime logs are only viewable internally, mainly by using the Realtime Webtask Logs extension, although the output can be seen in the ‘Actions Details’ tab of a tenant log that has triggered an Action.

The logs that are exported via Log Streams are all the JSON data included under the ‘Raw’ tab in the Details section of a tenant log (in the Management dashboard).


As a workaround, an Action could be used to send log information to an external service using some webhook.

You can create a custom API, invoke this API through Actions and send logs there. The following example demonstrates how to use Axios to call an external API.

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