SSO and WIX - Embedded vs. Universal Login model

I am brand new to the auth0 world but not too bad on the development side ( js and php specifically in the auth0 context ).

I would like to involve auth0 in an SSO solution which will include a set of traditional web apps as well as some WIX for member registration /management/mailing/campaigns etc. and would like the ‘best practice’ pointer as to whether I should ( or even CAN ) use the Universal or Embedded login model? I would ideally like to use the Universal model but am not sure whether WIX can accommodate it? I see that WIX supports the auth0.js library but am not sure if this implies Embedded only ?

Is there any opinion/experience in this area please ?

Many thanks.

I suggest to ask this question in the WIX forum, as it really depends on WIX rather than Auth0. And I don’t find any other question in this forum that deal with WIX.

Looking at the feature list of Wix, all I see in regards to authentication on is this:

Member Login
Create password protected pages that only your members can access.

A thread of 2017, mentioning Auth0:

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