Spring Boot Vaadin Auth0 Widget

I’m developing a new product and I’d love to be able to provide a nice authentication experience that can provide all the features that I’m sure I’ll be asked for such as MFS, SSO, Strong Passwords, the list goes on.

I am developing with Spring Boot and using Spring Security and also using Vaadin Version 10 which makes use of Polymer components on the client. I’m willing to let Spring Security go if there is a better way with Auth0.

What I want to ask is if there is a sample, instructions or anyone that could assist in getting Auth0 integrated with that technology stack?

There’s no official support (check support matrix) for Vaadin so samples would be dependent of the fact if someone else already integrated with Vaadin and decided to share a sample. If you haven’t done already you may want to check (https://github.com/alump/Auth0Demo) which would fall under that category.

I was able to build it using vaadin 8.1, spring boot &security and mvc-auth-commons… There are Spring MVC examples of Auth0 which are usefull for this task.

Thanks for your response. I don’t suppose you can share your code?