Auth0 SSO not working, Java Spring Boot

Hi there,

I’m using example project from Auth0:
I start the application, login, and see my user details in the application.

However, when I restart the application, go to login page, I’m asked for the password again.
I expect that Auth0 will authenticate me silently, as I logged out only of application session, not Auth0 Session Layer.

Any ideas why SSO does work in such simple case?

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Hey there @mikhailk!

Can I ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue in the quickstart repo here:

so we can address that directly with the quickstart maintainers? Make esure to share the link here with us so we can ping them. Thank you!

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Yep, done. Here is the issue:

However, It does not look like the quickstep issue. Nothing in the Auth0’s documentation on SSO says that you need to configure either a tenant or an application.

Or am I missing something?

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I’ll ping the maintainers in a few minutes and we’ll see what they share.

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