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Failed Silent Auth event - Login required


Hi Team

I am new to auth0.
I have created two applications. Both are web applications based on java.

First app acts like a portal - created by downloading Luciano Balmaceda’s app (This tutorial demonstrates how to add user login to a Java Servlet application).

Successfully logged in the portal with my gmail id.

I have modified the above portal home page (home.jsp) to have a button which will redirect to another java application (JSF 1.2 based).
But while redirecting to the home page of this application i am getting Failed silent Auth event.

I have configured client id, client secret and domain and calling authorize url from this website in the FIlter which will be triggered when clicks on the button from portal’s home page.

Is there any additional setting needs to be done ?

I have followed

But not able to make it run as the “sso” option is disabled in the current auth0 website. which is the example i am trying to implement

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auth0-spring-security-mvc-sso-sample whiich i followed is 2 years old so not able to follow and implement completely


Any sso example for spring boot 2?