Spring Boot as Action Google fulfillment server with Auth0 opaque token instead JWT

I have a Spring Boot application that allows me to log in via Oauth2 after a successful login I receive a JWT token with all the required information.
I then configured Google Actions

Google Actions redirects all requests to my Spring Boot application. So when I try to connect to my Google Home service, I have the following path: request to Oauth2 → login via google account → request to Spring Boot with Bearer token (Opaque).

In the last step, I would like to get the JWT token instead of opaque. Should I always request https://.auth0.com/userinfo with bearer token after receiving a request to my Spring Boot app?
This is not very efficient, is it not possible to just pass the JWT?

You need to pass in an audience parameter to get a JWT instead of an opaque token. This issue has a workaround.

Thank you, but I have a feeling that we did not understand each other.
Login via my spring boot app works well I get a JWT token. I have a problem with JWT token (opaque) when I’m trying connect over Google Home App.
That path doesn’t work: Open Google Home (app) → Add service → Select XYZ → it open webpage with my Auth0 page → Authorize via Google Home account → it send request to fulfillment server (my spring boot app) → on my server I get opaque token instead JWT, so I have a problem with identify user

I’m sorry. I’ve never worked with Google Home as an app developer, so I’m not sure what the problem might be. You might try posting this question on the Google Home forums if the Auth0 part is working as expected.