Google login : [ERROR] Access token is in JWT format, Implement opaque symmetric encrypted access token

I am using Auth0 as OAuth provider to login using google for Smart Home action. After submitting the action I received response from google saying ‘Access token is in JWT format, Implement opaque symmetric encrypted access token’. I don’t understand how to resolve it.

My action test suite is working absolutely fine with google login that means Auth0 is communicating properly with google and exchanging the correct access token. Then why this token related issue has been addressed and how to cope up with this.

I tried searching for help on community forum but I didn’t get any help. Please guide me if I am missing anything

Hello @mobicoreiot welcome to the community!

While I’m not familiar with this error, it leads me to believe that Google is expecting an opaque access token as opposed to a JWT. These can be obtained by omitting the audience parameter when authorizing. The symmetric bit may mean that you need to use HS256 as the signing algorithm.

Hope this helps at least get you started in the right direction!

Omitting the audience from /oauth/token the request returns access denied. During account linking, Auth0 sending JWT to google instead of opaque symmetric access token. Why Auth0 is sending JWT which is not acceptable by Google? Is it something to do with free Auth0 account? Is there anything wrong with Auth0?. Any help would be appreciated

@tyf Any help would be appreciated