Sometimes Fail to get api management token

Hi everyone. I am currently facing an issue with inconsistent success in retrieving the Auth0 Management API token using Java. The problem occurs intermittently, and I would appreciate your assistance in resolving it.
Here are some details regarding the issue:

  1. API token retrieval sometimes fails and sometimes succeeds without any apparent pattern.
  2. Steps Taken:
    • I am running the application in Java.
    • I have ensured proper network connectivity.
    • Verified the correctness of authentication credentials.
    • It happened with request flow from one of our customers, I couldn’t reproduce it with Curl nor Java
  • The java curl equivalent is
  curl --request POST \
  --url https://{domain}/oauth/token \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{"client_secret":"{secret},"client_id":"{client_id}","grant_type":"client_credentials","audience":"https://{domain}/api/v2/"}'
  1. The error message I get :
  at io.sightd.api.service.oauth.Auth0Provider.getOauthUserFromSub(
  at io.sightd.api.service.oauth.Auth0Provider.getManagementToken(
  at io.sightd.api.service.http.NetHttpService.send(
  at Connection reset

Another Q: is there any way to get system logs when asking about token management?

I kindly request your support in investigating and resolving this matter. Your prompt attention to this issue is highly appreciated.

Hi @tohayon,

This appears to be a network issue, given the error.

Can you see the request fail in your Dashboard Logs?

Can you give an example? You should see the logs associated with the request in the dashboard.