Social permission per user/client

As far as I know, social permissions are configured in only one place in the dashboard.

Ideally i would like to ask for different permissions for each user. This might not be possible at all cause by the time Auth0 set permissions, user identity is not known.

As a fallback, using a different client would still fit my use case, but i can’t find a way to have dynamic permissions on social connections. Rules & hook seems to be triggered too late in the process.

I’d like to avoid having to create a secondary auth0 account, i’m using an api for which i want to use implicit grant.

Here is what i’d like to achieve described in more details:

  • basic users login w/ google account, only basic profile informations is required. They can call API hence access_token
  • admin users login through the same login button, are identified as admin based on their email domain. I need the API server to manage their email (gmail: send email / watch inbox).

if the solution implies creating a different login page/form for admins, I can deal with that.

You’re correct that the social permissions requested in association with a given social connection, for example Google, can only be configured at one place in the Dashboard and that is at the connection level so you would not be able to customize it per user.

The Dashboard also does not support creating/configuring multiple social connections for the same provider. However, you can try to create a custom OAuth2 social connection that also targets Google and have your admin users login through the custom connection instead of the built-in Google social connection.

You can learn more about custom OAuth2 social connections at: Connect Apps to Generic OAuth2 Authorization Servers