Social Connections - Yahoo doesn't return email


Not able to get email id through Yahoo Social Connections. The documentation says about selecting Social Discovery, but there is no option to select it in the Social Connections for Yahoo, attaching screenshot.


I am getting only user name/nic, profile picture, no email. I am getting email via Google connection.

Yahoo is shutting down the Social Discovery would impact this or it is different.

Hey there @ithiru!

Let me check that for you and get back to you soon!

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@konrad.sopala, Any updates on this?


Hey there @ithiru!

Sorry for the delay in response but I must have totally missed it among other topics that came in December. Once more sorry for that!

I discussed it with the team and it seems like this part it should be done on the Yahoo side of things which is documented here:

Have you done that when going to Yahoo Developer Apps section on Yahoo?