Skip the the Auth0 login step for Okta application dashboard

Problem statement

We have an application that we run with the authentication for this app behind Auth0. We set up an Okta Workforce integration with Auth0 for employees to log in to the application.

When an employee hits the app URL, they are redirected to an Auth0 login page where they enter their email address. If the email address matches our company domain, they are redirected to Okta and granted access if they are in the right group in Okta.

My question is that if the user initiates a login to the application from their Okta application dashboard, and when redirected to the Auth0 login page, they are required to put in their email address again. Is it possible to pass the user’s email so that when they click the tile, since they are coming from Okta, it will just log the user in?


The scenario described in the problem statement is an instance of IdP Initiated Login

Unfortunately, this is not something that we support at present. Our Product and Engineering teams are currently exploring this as an option for a future release. The ETA of this feature is not available yet. But we will keep you updated once further information is received.