Single page application login

I started making a basic single page application using Angular.
I followed the quick start and I correctly get the login page where I can:

  • login with username/password
  • signup with username/password
  • use google to register/login

Regardless of which option I do, it just keeps loading (the load gif thing).
Browser says “Waiting for localhost”
And after a long period of time, I get:


I’ve added the callback url in the settings, not sure what to do here. Any ideas?

what’s the angular code that you call once one of the selections is made? and is there any information in the browser logs?

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I don’t call any angular code once the selection is done, it’s made on a universal login page:

So all I have is the redirectUri in my auth0.WebAuth({redirectUri: ‘http://localhost:44374/vehicles’,});
and the url is added in the allowed callbacks input field:

In the console log of the browser (both chrome and firefox there’s nothing there) and in auth0 it just says that the login was successful.

*Edit: I should mention, it’s a NetCore app with Angular.