Implementation of login and logout redirect to page of origin in Angular

I’m trying to redirect the callback uri to the page that a login or logout request came from but keep failing to succeed.

Hey there and welcome in Auth0 @lawerhcaesar !

Sounds like a small misconfiguration. Could you please try this two things:

  1. In your auth0-variables.ts file, please make sure you refer to the intended Auth0-tenant data (you have currently two tenants, in one of them you passed both localhost and public URIs as the allowed callbacks, on the second one only localhost).

  2. If the Callback URI in a format seems not working, please try adding /callback at the end:

Please come back to us with feedback if it works for you! Thanks!

Am I supposed to create an auth0-variables.ts file?

I am referring to Auth0 quickstart guidance on how to implement it in Angular.I encourage you to take advantage of them as well as read topics related to your problem that you can find on this community. Thanks!

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