Simple Question (I hope)

I find extensive, well-written documentation here. However, I simply can’t grasp, or find, a simple example of how to use Auth0 to prevent a user from accessing a web page(s) without being authenticated. I have three I want to protect. They are all linked to each other. Can someone please point me to the simplest explanation and code or both? I’m familiar with and can use PHP for something anything that needs to reside on a server. HTML and Javascript are no problem for me either. I know it sounds (is) nuts but there’s just too much info here for me to latch onto a basic example. Hosted page is OK I guess but that one has the least explanation.

Hi, as I understood your question you are asking about not the Auth0 itself. Auth0 only provide authorization to your local system, how would you handle the fact that user is authorized depends on the system you use.
So all the initial guides are about integration and substitution by the Auth0 the local authorization system. They are quite concise but only about integration.