Signup flow for two types of users

I have a marketplace website with 2 types of users : Buyers and Sellers. For simplicity, lets assume, buyers can’t be sellers and vice versa. Lets say, I have two buttons, “signup as buyer” & “signup as seller”. How do I capture meta data with flag: is_seller = true/false, at the time of signup? I want to use Universal Login.

Hello @bakerue,

I would suggest building your own signup app and disabling signups via Universal Login. Heavy customization of Universal Login requires using the legacy “Classic Universal Login” which I would recommend avoiding as it will eventually be deprecated.

If you build your own registration app you can customize the user experience however you like. If you want to avoid handling passwords you can create the new user account with a random, secure, throwaway password, and then send the user a password reset link disguised as a “Welcome” email.

Hi @bakerue

You say 'For simplicity, lets assume, buyers can’t be sellers and vice versa. ’

However, this question is critical to the design. Why can’t buyers be sellers or vice versa? Does a seller who is also a buyer have two accounts? That’s a poor user experience. But if it is truly the case, then buyers and sellers should have their own connections (two connections). That makes the login interesting, as you would need a corresponding “login as buyer” and “login as seller”.

If they can be both buyers and sellers, then you can use a single connection. But this then brings us to the question “is being a buyer or seller part of the IAM information?” and I suspect the answer is no, it isn’t. They log in, and then your platform decides if they can sell or buy or both.