Signing into Microsoft Office 365 with G Suite


I’ve followed the steps from this blog to -

I’m getting the following MS generated error: AADSTS20001: The sign-in response message does not contain an issued token.

My (Google search) troubleshooting attempts are sending me down the rabbit hole; any assistance appreciated.

.har file attached.


Andrew (3.3 MB)

Hey there!

Let me inspect the HAR file and see if I can reproduce that error following the quickstart!

Thanks Konrad! Any assistance is very much appreciated.

I’ve been using G Suite SAML SSO for most services but keen to implement Auth0 for the added functionality/flexibility - it’s a great app.



Sure! Will let you know once I have news to share!

Hey there Andrew!

Sorry for such delayed response but I must have got trapped in between all the incoming questions in the community. I found nothing wrong in the HAR file.

If you haven’t got pas the struggle in the meantime can you doublecheck if you’ve followed all the steps described in the tutorial thoroughly to make sure whether the issue is on our or your end? Thank you and once more sorry for replying so late!