Signature validation failed. Unable to match key kid

Suddenly I’ve been getting the following error in my code:

IDX10501: Signature validation failed. Unable to match key:
Exceptions caught:
token: ‘{“alg”:“RS256”,“typ”:“JWT”,“kid”:“MjY5MkY0RTU2QkI5N0VENkFGMTBCMENFMEZEQzI1NEI3NjFDNkJDQQ”} […] }’

I haven’t changed anything on the identity part of my code. I did upgrade to ASP.NET Core 3, but that was last week and it worked at that time

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This issue is likely to be related to incident:

Hey there!

Yep! Terribly sorry for the experience we indeed have an outage but our engineers are already looking into that!

Indeed, it suddenly works again. Thanks for the quick response

Yep! It’s fixed everything should be back to normal!

Just wanted to say we also experienced authorization problems the 15th of November. Is there a way to find current outage? We couldn’t see any on

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