Sign-up through postman do not force/attempt login?

So i have been debug so long, as I thought my rules has bug because signing up through postman : dbconnections/signup and signing up through auth0-ui has different result,

turns out the signing up through postman didnt trigger login process but still trigger MFA,
and it makes my rules unable to detect for sign-up through postman,

now what do i need to do, to make sign-up through postman also trigger login ?

Hi @dellwatson,

Just to make sure I understand, are you wanting to trigger your rules when you hit the Authentication API’s /dbconnections/signup endpoint?

If so, Rules run after successful authentication, and so they will not run when a user is created through the API because they have not logged in to your application yet.

However, the Post User Registration Hook will run after a user is created for a database connection. You may want to look at moving your Rules functionality to this Hook instead.

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