Sign in user after creation through the management API

In our Laravel application we’ve implemented a custom user registration flow that will create a database user (custom database). This is done by calling the management API users/create.
Is it possible to automatically sign in the new user after creation, without having them to enter their credentials in the Auth0 login page?

Hi @steven.oeyen,

It may be possible, but can be quite complex.

After creation there is no token issued for the user. Typically, the token issued after login represents the user and provides them with their “session”. In some cases a cookie is also issued that persists the session.

In order to obtain the token without user interaction, you will need to have access to the user’s credentials, which you can exchange directly for the token via the Resource Owner Password Flow. This flow is somewhat dubious because it requires you to handle the user’s password, although you may already be doing this.

If I could suggest a more elegant solution; I would have your user log in, then present a secondary signup form that collects the necessary info.

hi @dan.woda ,

thanks for the update. Your suggestion was indeed the approach I decided on.

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