Show custom page post login

Newbie here, just registered with Auth0 to see if I can have custom login flow for our users.
I’ve been reading the docs and this forum without finding what I’m looking for, so here my use case(simplified):

  1. User logs in to Auth0
  2. After successful login, prompt the user with a custom page with two buttons; Red and Blue.
  3. Based on which button pressed, add the value as claim in the issued token.

If this is possible, can someone point me in the right direction? I don’t see any examples showing a custom page in a flow action.

EDIT: I see that I can redirect to external pages, but I just want a simple html page embedded in the flow if possible.

– marius

Yes, this is doable with redirect from actions. The HTML page that you are referring to would however be your page, hosted in your server.

This link has everything that you need to achieve the result.

Right, I saw that one.

But then as I understand it, it’s not possible to have an html template rendered in an flow action? It has to be a redirect to a third party.

– marius