Should I create new applications to dashboard or just edit existing app config?

Hey! I have an existing application at and I need to setup few more and Custom domain was set up And I want SSO to be handled by Auth0 with universal login. Should I create new applications in the dashboard for each subdomain or is it possible just to edit existing app config and add new allowed callback urls, allowed origins and so on?

I would say the general recommendation would be to have them as separate applications given that from the naming I’m assuming they are somehow independent applications.

Also, the ability to have SSO does not depend on having applications represented as a single client application so there is no need to worry about that and end-up with a complicated single client application configuration with a lot of URL’s.

Having said all of that, to answer the exact question you made; it would be possible to have them all in a single client application, but you likely should not do that.

Thank you for your reply! Strange, now I have two subdomains with universal login but still has Auth0 login form while redirecting from one app to another. And it a little bit annoying so I have to find a way to pass token from one app to another in order to avoid that form.
Probably I will split the apps in Auth0 dashboard but actually do not see any benefits for it.

If you’'re experiencing issues with the SSO flow for the two apps the recommendation would be for you to post a new question with additional details about how each app is integrating with Auth0. Feel free to leave a link to the new post here and I can also try to take a look.

Thank you! Here is a link SSO does not go smoothly