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Hi there,

Recently I’ve started to build an app which will require to talk to the Shopify admin API and the biggest issue for me is the way they require to obtain an access token necessary for all GraphQL requests. What I need is a Shopify app which after installing stores that access token along with a store domain and then a mobile app would be able to get a token for a given store domain. I’ve read the Connect your app to Shopify article but still have some doubts if it would be possible to achieve that with Auth0 platform. For starters, it seems like the Auth0 can connect to just one given store (there is a need to provide a store domain during configuration. Could anyone tell me if I can use the Auth0 platform or I should rather build a dedicated web app?


Hi @mat!

I’ve been reading how to build a solution for your use case and I think I have some ideas to guide you:

You may want to set upstream_params field in the Connections endpoint of Management API v2 to allow the shop parameter (that is asked in the Auth0 Dashboard as required) to be dynamically added to the Auth0 login prompt.
That is, you will have to gather the user’s shop name (however you want to do it) and then add that parameter to the /authorize call (either if using auth0-js or doing it by hand) as a hint.
For example, you set "upstream_params": {"shop": {"alias": "login_hint"}} in the shopify connection you create using the Management API and then in auth0-js you use it like this: webAuth.authorize({ ..., login_hint: <user's shop name here> }).
You have to set an alias because there’s a limited set of parameters that the login prompt accepts, more info here: Pass Parameters to IdPs

Regarding the access token you can follow Calling and external IdP API to learn how to get it from the user identities and how to use it.

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for using Auth0 :muscle: