Sharing CloudWatch Dashboard via SAML or OpenID

I want to make my CloudWatch dashboards accessible to the folks authenticated in our Auth0 database. I was following along with the guidance to Configure Amazon Web Services for SSO using SAML, when I encountered the AWS restriction

AWS SSO requires the AWS Organizations service

I was thinking of trying to authenticate using OpenID instead, but I encountered a warning indicating that it could be a security vulnerability.

Can you tell me a good way to share CloudWatch dashboards to my Auth0 users without paying AWS to have an ‘Organization’?

Hey there!

As an Auth0 employee I don’t think I should be doing it but maybe someone else from community already “hacked” it :slight_smile:

Adding a few tags to your question for better searchability :wink:

I found the way to make it work. Created an app in Auth0 for SAML authentication and used the CloudWatch Dashboard Sharing (in AWS Cognito - federation-identity-providers) to add a SAML identity provider.

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Thank you for sharing that with the rest of community!

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