Issue with AWS SAML

I made an app and enabled SAML using AWS. It gives me a Identity Provider Login URL:

And in the end it says that

“Alternatively, you can add a connection parameter:”

The issue is that I am logging in my portal using Auth0 but need amazon services using SAML. If I use the above URL everything works fine. For the portal, I have the following configuration file:

const Auth0Config = {
domain: ‘’,
clientID: ‘my-client-id’,
allowedConnections: [‘Username-Password-Authentication’],
rememberLastLogin: true,
language: ‘en’,
closable: true,
options: {
auth: {
autoParseHash: true,
redirect: true,
redirectUrl: window.location.href + ‘auth0loginCallback’
languageDictionary: {
title: ‘Auto Labs.’,
emailInputPlaceholder: ‘’,
passwordInputPlaceholder: ‘demodemo’

The client id is of the app which has SAML integrated.

But when I do this, I do not get access to the AWS services (if I use the given " Identity Provider Login URL" it does grant me access to the AWS services).

Why is this happening?

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