Setting up users by invite only

I am creating an administrator application SPA.

Have the authentication and authorization working fine, however by default Auth0 lets users sign up.

  1. How do I disable the ability for users to signup
  2. How do I setup the initial admin that can log-in
  3. How do I send an invite link to new administrators
  4. Is there a dotnet core SDK I can use to talk to AUTH0 services for doing these functions?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @martin.d.weel

  1. In your Auth0 dashboard, set the “Disable Signups” flag for that DB connection.
  2. You will need to use the management API to create the admin user, and adopt the reset password flow to send that admin user a password reset link.
  3. See 2
  4. Auth0 ASP.NET Core Web API SDK Quickstarts: Authorization (I think, I am not a dotnet person)


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