Setting up user accounts with an associated email, before they login with an identity provider

I am currently working on bringing authentication to a collection of pre-existing web apps. I want to only allow authentication through identity providers (no username/password signup). These apps are used in a corporate environment and all the prospective users email addresses are known in advance.

**I am wondering if it is possible to set up user accounts with before users login for the first time such that upon their first login they are already configured with permissions/group/user role. As such I need to be able to set up a user account with an associated email. **

Is this possible? Or please correct me if I have described the wrong approach achieve this functionality

Hello @kbytes,

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You could create accounts in an Auth0 hosted database with groups / roles / permissions assigned, and use account linking to link the enterprise / IdP login to the Auth0 login. The user logs in with their enterprise / IdP credentials but has the Auth0 hosted profile attributes available in addition to the enterprise / IdP profile attributes.