Setting up SSO with a Synology NAS (DSM 7.2)

Hello, I’m trying to setup SSO via OIDC using Auth0 as IdP. Both on the DSM and the Auth0 side I have a user called my.user with email

On the Synology side, I followed their guide and I set

When I try to SSO into the NAS, I am redirected to the Auth0 Login form. When I login, I am redirected back to the Synology login portal, but I get back a generic SSO error.

Any ideas about how to troubleshoot this problem?

Hi @iset

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I’ve checked the signup and log flow on your tenant, and it looks good. Can you check the logs in the DSM? Also can you check the connection response


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Hi @dawid.matuszczyk, and thank you for your welcome. I haven’t found a clear log that can help me troubleshot this problem. In/var/etc/auth.log, I can see errors like the following:

2023-12-18T19:53:13+01:00 iset-synology synoscgi_SYNO.API.Auth_7_login[13158]: pam_syno_log_fail(sso:auth): Can't get user uid ().

Regarding the test with, finally I got:


 "iss": "",
 "aud": "<my yclient_id>",
 "iat": 1702926881,
 "exp": 1702962881,
 "sub": "auth0|...",
 "sid": "..."

It is fine, I guess.



Hi @iset

Sorry for the confusion. Did you manage to solve the issue? Or does it still occur?


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Hi @dawid.matuszczyk. No worries at all and thank you for your help! Nope, unfortunately I’m still stuck. Here is another piece of log that I’ve found in the NAS:

oidc_auth.cpp:70 Get sso operation failed. Reason: SYNOUserLoginNameConvert failed.
pam_syno_sso.cpp:128 (euid=0)(pam_syno_sso.cpp:128)(Success)Failed [username.empty()]
pam_syno_log_fail(sso:auth): Can't get user uid ().
login.c:1129 Get uid/gid fail for user []. [0x1D00 user_db_get.c:36]

Whoooo just fixed modifying these entries in the DSM settings:

  • Authorization scope : openid profile
  • Username claim: name

Side question: is there a way to customize the username upon the user creation?

It defaults to the email address and you need to change it later.

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That’s great to hear that @iset,

Feel free to reach out if you will have more questions!

Have a great day!


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