Setting up Auth0 Application's Allowed Callback URLs for google-apps-script

I’m developing a Google Spreadsheet Add-On (google-apps-script) and using Auth0 as the authentication provider.

My question is more google-apps-script related, but hopefully someone here has already dealt with it.

I wonder what should I use as an Application’s Callback URL, as the google-apps-script host url is depend on a script_id.

When testing my app locally i’m using a Google Spreadsheet file which has it’s own script_id .

To allow redirect when logging in to Auth0, I set the Auth0’s Application’s Callback URL to use this specific script_id<script_id>/usercallback .

So far so good.

My question is: How can I support this Callback URL setting in Production? Each of my users will have their own Google Spreadsheet file with a different callback URL, isn’t it?



Hey! Were you able to solve this?
@etaytch h